Empowering Inclusive Decisions, Transforming the Employee Experience

Embark on a transformative journey. We’re dedicated to empowering minds, encouraging a deep-seated appreciation for inclusion, and driving cultural shifts within companies. The transformation to move from the “sidelines to the field” of supporting your organization’s inclusion vision starts with us.

Leaders who create a higher sense of belonging:

43% Retention

43% Retention

43% Retention

40% Job Satisfaction

43% Retention

38% Burnout

O.C. Tanner (2023) Global Culture Report

The Workshops

We offer methodically designed workshops and keynote speeches to nurture conscious inclusion and build knowledge and skill on a variety of diversity and inclusion topics. Our foundational workshops, “Leading Inclusively: Creating a Culture of Belongingness” and “Foundations of Inclusive Teaming and Our Unconscious Biases”, offer interactive experiences that revolutionize participants’ perceptions of their points of view and their impact on culture and business outcomes.

Leading Inclusively: Creating
a Culture of Belongingness


Our hallmark workshop for executives, leaders and supervisors is highly experiential and heavier on dialogue and lighter on lecture, slides, and workbooks. We suggest 4 hours, either in person or virtually. Maximum audience is 25.


We invite exploration and dialogue without blame and shame. We’re not in the business of fixing people. Four memorable activity modules and a fifth action module are delivered with a variety of learning modalities by our best-in-the-business facilitators.


We’ll combine brain games, neuroscience, a few salient research studies, fun video clips and our trademark sense of humor with the a-ha moments our activity modules create to motivate more of your leaders into inclusive action.


Following this workshop, your leaders will report that it was WAY better than they expected and gave them a new motivation and clarity around what it means to be an inclusive leader. Consider debriefing and further engaging some of these leaders in your DEIB strategy.

Foundations of Inclusive Teaming and Our Unconscious Biases


Our hallmark interactive keynote or webinar for teammates (non-managers) is highly experiential and complements the experience of their managers’ workshop (Leading Inclusively). We suggest two hours, either in person or virtually. Maximum audience is typically 200 employees.


Our engaging facilitators keep the energy high and invite participants to dive into our three core activity modules that show how easily and quickly we judge others, from where those judgments emanate, and a technique to mitigate those judgments.


We’ll combine brain games, a little neuroscience, some fun video clips, and a fun presentation style to make the learning natural and the new behaviors with teammates simple.


Following this virtual webinar or in-person interactive keynote, your teammates will tell you they want more learning opportunities like this. People will be talking about their a-ha moments creating an opportunity for their greater engagement in your DEIB activities and strategies.

Managing Bias in the Talent Life Cycle

Neuroscience has proven that our decision making can be driven by unintentional bias and blind spots. This interactive workshop helps learners understand the science of decision making about people and provides real-life examples of how to recognize when biased thinking may be at play. Potential biased decisions across the talent cycle are identified and workshop participants will work on selected cognitive biases to produce practical strategies to mitigate or eliminate biases.

Additional outcomes and details regarding this 3 hour workshop are available upon request.

DEI Individual Leadership Coaching

Following a Proper Inclusive Leadership workshop, fast track your Inclusive Leadership skill and effectiveness development by combining the power of coaching with a personalized, science-based assessment.

Each DEI Coaching package includes:
  • 1 IDI Assessment
  • 1 hour personalized debrief of your IDI results with a certified IDI Practitioner
  • 6- 45 minute 1:1 Bespoke IDI focused Coaching Sessions with an ICF Certified Coach

Wherever you are on your Inclusive Leadership Journey is fine – but you cannot stay there. Benchmark your level of cultural competence and start moving forward today.

Additional outcomes and details regarding this coaching offering are available upon request.

Managing Intergenerational Differences

With multiple generations in the workplace today, organizations are more challenged than ever to bridge the generational divide. How do we communicate and lead effectively across a lifetime of different messaging?

Building on the foundational workshops of Delta Concepts Consulting (belongingness and unconscious bias) we will explore and build context for generational relevance as it relates to work-style and communication-style differences. Being able to connect and build rapport with others is a skill; it can be learned. Techniques will be offered to more effectively lead, motivate, recognize, and enhance communications between the generations and manage the challenges of a multi-generational workforce.

Additional outcomes and details regarding this workshop are available upon request.

Developing Cultural Competence

These modularized workshops are designed to help participants recognize the critical importance of identifying and understanding cultural differences in colleague and client relationships. Our cross-cultural competence learning modules are designed to build from the foundation of Delta Concepts Consulting’s inclusion and belongingness workshops.

  • Build awareness and knowledge needed to work with others who are culturally different from self in meaningful, relevant, and productive ways.
  • Improve understanding and demystify some of the myths and misconceptions that may exist through stereotypical images of different cultural groups.
  • Translate new insights and concepts into an action plan that will contribute to developing cross-cultural competencies to enhance professional relationships with colleagues and clients of different cultural groups.

Additional outcomes and details regarding this series of workshops are available upon request.

Conscious Leadership & Collaboration: Building a Culture of Belonging

In today’s increasingly diverse and rapidly evolving workplace, leaders and managers play THE crucial role in creating an inclusive environment where employees thrive. In the inclusion training, we learned how to identify our hidden (and mostly unconscious) biases and their detrimental effects on our work and relationships. In this dynamic workshop, participants leverage emotional intelligence and relationship building skills to address and work through these biases and limiting beliefs. Through engaging exercises, facilitated dialogue and real-world examples, participants will develop practical strategies to foster inclusive communication, promote conscious collaboration and cultivate a culture of belonging. This workshop complements any prior unconscious bias training and moves the participants into action. It can be tailored to employees and teams or to supervisors, managers, and leaders.

Audience: Employee/Teams & Managers/Leaders

Additional outcomes and details regarding this series of workshops are available upon request.

Keynote Speeches and Breakout Sessions

Our dynamic keynote speeches inspire audiences to explore the vastness of diversity and to inspire more consciously inclusive behaviors. With powerful insights and compelling storytelling, we challenge audiences to rethink their approach to bias and inclusion, sparking meaningful change in individuals and organizations. Contact us to book a keynote speaker for your next event.

  • Raise awareness about the importance and benefits of diversity and inclusion.
  • Share insights and strategies for promoting an inclusive and equitable environment.
  • Inspire attendees to take action in their organizations.

Beyond Diversity Training

Embrace diversity, display new inclusive behaviors, foster inclusive cultures, and challenge unconscious bias within your organization to improve your  overall culture of “I Belong Here”.