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Scott Horton and Associates

Scott is the former Director of Diversity and Inclusion Consulting for IBM and created high impact, experiential workshops for two global clients which Delta Concepts Consulting associates now share with our clients around the world, both in person and virtually.

Through Experiences

Since our founding, our clients have asked for more than a “training”. They want memorable, moving, action-oriented and dialogue-based experiences that leave their people in a new place: transformed. Our clients have helped us shape our style and approach to help move people “from the sidelines to field” of supporting inclusion and belongingness for everyone.

Transformation Through Experiences
Engaging in experiential workshops that provoke thought and greater understanding our unique view of the world and each other.

Authenticity and Honesty
Facilitating open dialogue about our unique
life journies and our responses to difference
in a safe, judgment-free zone.

Inclusive Leadership
Cultivating inclusive leadership skills that
create ripple effects of positive change.

Power of Belongingness
Valuing and respecting all team members, enabling them to thrive, and contribute to their full potential.

Create Insiders, Not Outsiders

In all of our workshops, webinars and speeches, these ideas are at the core:

Words Don’t Teach!

Experiences that stay with the learner long after the workshop create the window for behavior change in small and big daily decisions. No “death by powerpoint”: instead, experiences and facilitated dialogue.

The Invisible

Engage in activities that shed light on the core sources of invisible patterns of thought.

Thought Patterns

Employ neuroscience, research studies, and techniques to disrupt ingrained thought patterns.


Where is the
“Inclusion Line”?

Heighten understanding of the impact of our attitudes and behaviors on daily decisions and overall culture.

Try Something
New Tomorrow!

Participants develop actionable plans to immediately impact DEIB in their sphere of influence.


Outcome: Higher
Employee Engagement

Enhance engagement through a culture of respect, diversity, appreciation, and belonging.

Beyond Diversity Training

Embrace diversity, display new inclusive behaviors, foster inclusive cultures, and challenge unconscious bias within your organization to improve your overall culture of “I Belong Here”.